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    Combination Duplex/Toggle switch wall plate 4 7/8" wide by 5 " high.

    Available in:
    12 plain finishes: White, Almond, Ivory, Soft Black, Renaissance Bronze, Pewter, Shiny Black, Bermuda Sand, Terra Cotta, Copper Patina, Mystic Copper and Paintable
    6 pre-finished metal finishes: Brass, Stainless Steel, Brushed Steel, Shiny Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Brushed Copper
    3 Punched Designs: Heart, Star, and Border in 4 finishes: Pewter, White, Soft Black and Renaissance Bronze

    2 Southwest designs: Indian and Thunderbird
    in 3 finishes: Arizona Sand, and Terra-Cotta and Adobe Gray finishes.

    We manufacture 53 electrical configurations in up to 8-gangs and all in stock ready for delivery.
    To see all our finishes, please click on "See Details & Order" below.

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    Switchplates with low voltage devices (Telephone Jacks-Cable TV-CAT5 etc.)
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    • $10.66

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